Woodmart Colonial & Traditional Shutters

Woodmart Colonial & Traditional Window Shutters

Woodmart Traditional Shutters


Woodmart Basswood traditional shutters – a completely custom shutter featuring time-honored construction techniques and fine craftsmanship

Located in Van Nuys, California, Woodmart Shutters has been handcrafting shutters since 1956.  In that time, they have perfected the art of real wood shutter construction.  Made from North American basswood and milled from stock lumber to exact specification on site, Woodmart shutters are 100% American Made.  Woodmart shutters are also available in many other woods for an additional charge.

Woodmart shutters are exactly what you envision when you think of a traditional 1 1/4” louvered shutter.  The stiles are 3/4 in. thick and 1 1/2 in. wide and are doweled and glued to the top and bottom rails to create a durable shutter joint.  Unlike lower quality traditional shutters, Woodmart Shutters feature louvers that are fastened to the tilt rods with staples, creating a long lasting connections between the two.

Woodmart Shutters have a finish like no other.  For all painted shutters, the primer is robotically applied to insure uniform coverage. This creates the base for a smooth and even final finish. Each panel is hand sanded between paint coats to improve paint adhesion of the next layer and to give the shutters a perfectly smooth finish.  All shutters are painted with multiple coats of lacquer tinted to any of the standard colors or custom mixed to match your specifications.

Stained shutters are finished with a similarly labor intensive process.  Each stained wood shutter is dipped in a stain tank to guarantee 100% coverage of each shutter component.  After dipping, the shutters are hand wiped to ensure a uniform finish.  A lacquer sanding sealer is applied to provide body and smoothness. Finally, the shutters are hand sanded prior to the final coats of clear lacquer.  The result is a shutter that is beautifully crafted and expertly finished.


Material: North American Basswood is standard; other woods provided upon request
Louver Sizes: 1 1/4
Finish: smooth paint or stain
Colors: 13 standard paint finishes and 10 standard stain finishes
Lead time:
Specialty Shapes Available: quarter round sunburst, half round sunburst, elongated eyebrow sunburst, eyebrow sunburst, louvered arch, circle sunburst, hexagon sunburst, triangle, octagon, angle top and many others
Specialty Options Available: cafe shutters, double hung shutters, fixed louver shutters, raised panel shutters, liberty arch, french door handle cutouts, custom colors