Window Shutters in an office with red walls


Plantation Shutters

Sunburst Shutters is proud to offer a full array of custom Plantation shutters to fit every budget and every expectation. Our plantation shutters fall into three basic classifications: Real wood plantation shutters, Polymer plantation shutters, and MDF or composite plantation shutters.

Colonial/Traditional Shutters

Traditional shutters are exactly that – traditional. The smaller louvers and smaller bi-fold panels are a perfect complement to traditional decor.


Specialty Shapes

Most specialty shape windows are hard to cover with conventional window treatments. That’s where shutters come in! We’ve never met a window we couldn’t shutter. All of our shutters are custom designed and specially built to fit your windows, no matter the shape or size. We have years of experience shuttering uncommon window shapes, and our state of the art equipment makes it possible for us to shutter your windows with style.



Shutter Options

Shutters come with options such as: raised panels, rear mount tilt rods, sliding glass door shutters, and more.