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NormanTeak Colonial Window Shutters

NormanTeak Colonial & Traditional Shutters

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Sussex Shutters by Norman featuring Norman Teak – unique white teak shutters built using time honored shutter building techniques

Norman Shutters has pioneered the use of unique woods to create beautiful real wood shutters from varieties that are not traditionally associated with shutter building.  Such is the case with the Sussex shutter by Norman Featuring Norman Teak.  As with all shutters made by Norman, Sussex shutters boast features that help strengthen the shutters while maintaining their beauty.

Sussex shutters are made from Norman Teak and feature Quarter Sawn Louvers, making the wood less susceptible to cupping, twisting, and warping because the cuts are made parallel to the wood medullary rays instead of across them.  This gives the shutters remarkable strength and stability.

All Sussex shutters feature mortise and tenon joinery where the stiles meet the rails, lessening the effect of racking and sheering forces that can weaken shutters over time.  Sussex shutters also feature reinforced engineered stiles made from multiple layers of wood that are bonded together with heat, pressure, and glue to create a stile that is significantly sturdier than a solid piece of wood while also being less susceptible to warping or twisting.

Lastly, all Sussex shutters benefit from Norman Shutters unique Prescription Wood Conditioning.  This trademarked process dries wood to the moisture level of the area where the shutters are being shipped in an effort to reduce post-installation shrinking and swelling.

All of this combines to make the Sussex Shutter by Norman featuring Norman Teak a shutter that is truly as exceptional as it is unique.


Material: Norman Teak
Louver Sizes: 1 1/4
Finish: smooth and sand blasted
Colors: 21 standard paint finishes and 29 standard stain finishes
Lead time:
Specialty Shapes Available: quarter round sunburst, half round sunburst, elongated eyebrow sunburst, eybrow sunburst, louvered arch, circle sunburst, hexagon sunburst, triangle, octagon, angle top and many others
Specialty Options Available: cafe shutters, double hung shutters, fixed louver shutters, raised panel shutters, liberty arch, french door handle cutouts, custom colors