Monte Bello Plantation Shutters

Monte Bello Plantation Shutters

Monte Bello Plantation Shutters

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Monte Bello by Sunburst Shutters – An entry-level solid polymer shutter with an MDF price

A solid polymer extrusion shutter is the pinnacle of shutter technology, and the Monte Bello Plantation shutter offers solid polymer performance in a tidy package.  Monte Bello shutters come in the most popular colors, sizes, and options to streamline your shutter buying experience.  Monte Bello has the same great solid polymer substrate as the Polywood shutter but without the energy efficient paint finish and weather stripping that make Polywood Sunburst’s premier shutter line. Monte Bello is painted with an environmentally-friendly water-based paint for a smooth, eggshell gloss finish.  Monte Bello shutters also feature classic rabbeted stiles.

Monte Bello shutters come with a 10 year warranty on both the product itself and the finish.  Because the Monte Bello Shutter warranty covers both the construction of the shutter and the finish, you can rest easy knowing that your shutters are going to look great for years to come.


Material: solid polymer extrusion shutter
Louver Sizes: 3 1/2, 4 1/2
Finish: painted
Colors: off-white, white, and snow white
Lead time: 4-6 weeks
Specialty Shapes Available: none
Specialty Options Available: none

Check out photos of some of the shutters we have installed in the area.