5 Reasons why consumers buy shutters instead of blinds and shades

Smart shoppers with a keen eye for beauty, value, and durability find an excellent value in shutters. Perhaps that is why so many people choose shutters for their home over blinds or shades. Below are 5 reasons why you should consider shutters for your windows.

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1. Style – Shutters are beautiful!

Look around and you’ll see them everywhere; on TV, in magazines, in the beautiful old homes in the historical district near downtown and and in that hot new neighborhood that’s being built in that trendy new development. Why? Because their classic style and beauty have been the standard of high quality window treatments for generations. Shutters have stood the test of time. Shutters just look better than any blind on the market, and I do mean ANY blind on the market.

2. Function

Shutters are easy to use! Shutters open and close easily, providing the perfect mix of light control and privacy that shades and blinds just can’t match with their tangled cords and crooked components. Another advantage of shutters is that they open on hinges, providing maximum light and maximum visibility. Even when your shutter panels are closed over your windows, you can open the louvers within the panel to provide a fantastic view that is unmatched by nearly all blinds or shades. Lastly, privacy is unmatched with shutters. With your louvers tilted in the downward position you can still let in a lot of light while having total privacy. And if you need your room to be completely dark, closing the louvers on your shutters up tight offers superior light control and room darkening.

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3. Safety – Shutters are safe!

Cords on blinds and shades pose a serious strangulation hazard for children and pets. Because shutters lack cords or internal strings they are a significant improvement in safety over blinds. Aside from the strangulation hazard posed by cords, blinds and shades also have flexible slats connected by strings that pose a strangulation threat to children and pets if they become stuck in between them. All of the components of shutters are rigid and are fastened to one another in a way that children and pets can’t get stuck between the slats.

4. Durability – Shutters are strong!

Shutters are strong! Shutters are significantly more durable than blinds because there are no cords to wear out, no wands to snap off, and no mechanisms to break. A well-built shutter that is properly maintained will last 50 years or more. A well-built blind that is properly maintained will last 5-10 years before cords start to wear out and colors start to fade. A low quality, off the shelf blind from a big box store will only last a few years before it completely self destructs. A product like Polywood will hold up to the sun and not get damaged AT ALL by the sun’s UV and UL rays. The cheaper PVC materials used in blinds will wear down in the sun over time, becoming brittle and yellow. Fabric shades wear out with prolonged UV and UL exposure and the fabric becomes brittle and yellow. Shutters have no equal when it comes to durability and longevity of window treatments.

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5. Energy Efficiency

Shutters are green! Shutters are significantly more energy efficient than just about any other blind or shade. This isn’t just a claim, this is something that is measurable. Shutters have a higher R-value and are a better protection from hot and cold temperatures than most blinds or shades. This isn’t just something you see in numbers from a lab, it’s something you can feel on your window. Previous customers who buy more shutters routinely tell us that they are buying more shutters for other rooms that are too cold or too hot. This is a benefit of shutters that you can really feel for yourself!