Custom Shaped Shutters

Oval Shaped Custom Shutters

Custom Shaped Shutters

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Custom Shape – A truly custom built shutter for any shape or size window

Sometimes windows just aren’t a standard shape and that makes them hard to cover with traditional window treatments. That’s where shutters come in. Unlike other window treatments that can’t follow the form of the window, shutters allow you to cover the window and still maintain its beautiful shape. That is why shutters are such a perfect option for this style of window. We have shuttered all different shapes of windows over the years. If you think it can’t be done, try us! We’ve probably done it already!

Because each of these shutters is individually hand built to fit the shape of your window, we make custom templates and then use computer aided cutting technology to give your shutters the perfect finishing touch. Also, because we understand that the shutter needs not only to be beautiful, but functional too, we work hard to make the shutters to allow you to access the glass behind the shutter for cleaning. The finished result is a shutter that will amaze you and immediately become the focal point of any room.

Custom shape shutters include:

  • Oval shaped shutters
  • Irregularly shaped arches
  • Shutters with angles on the bottom
  • Elongated Octagon shutters
  • Diamond Shaped shutters
  • Triangle Shaped Shutters
  • L-Shaped shutters
  • And anything else you can think of!

Check out photos of some of the shutters we have installed in the area.