Sunburst Shutters in Indianapolis is proud to offer a full array of custom Plantation shutters to fit every budget and every expectation.  Our plantation shutters fall into three basic classifications:

Real wood Plantation Shutters – Wood plantation shutters have a richness and warmth that are what made plantation shutters the classic window treatment that they are today.  One of the distinguishing features of a wood shutter is that many of them are available in a variety of paint colors and stains.  If you can’t find a color you like, then many of them can be custom color matched to your exact specifications.  The richness and beauty of real wood plantation shutters come from the natural wood grain and texture that can’t be matched by man-made products.

Real Wood Plantation Shutters offered by Sunburst Shutters in Indianapolis are:

Polymer Plantation Shutters – Polymer shutters are the evolution of the wood shutter.  Polymer shutters combine an impeccable finish with unbeatable durability for a shutter that looks and feels like wood, but can handle even the harshest heat, humidity, and moisture without warping, chipping, cracking, fading, or yellowing.

Polymer Shutters offered by Sunburst Shutters in Indianapolis are:

MDF or Composite Plantation Shutters – MDF shutters are an inexpensive alternative to wood and polymer shutters.  MDF Shutters, sometimes called composite shutters, are made of a mixture of wood fibers and glue and laminated in an acrylic shell.    Engineered to look like painted wood, MDF Shutters come in a variety of styles and colors and are versatile enough to be able to cover any type of window in any shape or size.

MDF Shutters offered by Sunburst Shutters in Indianapolis are:


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