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Bravo Plantation Shutters

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Real Wood Plantation Shutters

The Beautiful alternative to vertical blinds

Plantation Shutters are the perfect covering for a sliding glass door. Because shutters are both durable and beautiful, they offer a beautiful alternative to outdated and delicate vertical blinds.

Shutters on sliding glass doors can be configured two ways:

  • Bipass configuration – Bipass shutters consist of two or more sets of shutters that slide back and forth on a top-mounted track. In the bipass configuration, one set of panels passes in front of the other set of panels to allow access to your door. This option is great for rooms where there is not a lot of space in front of the doors for shutters, or in a space where there is not much space on either side of the doors.
  • Bifold configuration – Bifold shutters consist of two sets of shutters that fold out from the center and are guided by a top-mounted track. In the bifold configuration, both sets of panels fold back to back to allow total openness at your door. This option is great for rooms where the view is a priority and the shutters have room to be folded out of the way to maximize the view.