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Welcome to Sunburst Shutters

As you explore this website, we hope you’ll find that this is the authoritative source for information about shutters on the internet. We’ve combined information from all of the major shutter brands into one website for you to enjoy. We hope you’ll use this site as a resource to learn about the shutters that are available on the market, and then call us when you’re ready to make your purchase. Utilizing our years of experience in the shutter trade, we’ll guide you through the decision making process and help you pick the best product to meet your needs and fit your goals and budget.

Meet the Sunburst Shutters team in Indianapolis:

Bill and Sarah Burke
Bill and Sarah BurkeOwners of Sunburst Shutters in Indianapolis
My wife Sarah and I love the shutter business. My education and career path are a little different than what you might expect of a shutter professional. While at Purdue University my dreams of becoming a Spanish Professor became increasingly quixotic (pun intended) and as graduation approached and reality set in, I had a change of heart. I didn’t want to be a professor; I wanted to be in business. Because I came to this realization halfway through my junior year, I didn’t want to start my education over to pursue a degree in business, so in 2004 I graduated with a dual degree in English and Spanish Literature. I set off to conquer the business world with a skill set that included discussing Spanish poetry and the works of JRR Tolkien. In hindsight I realize that I transitioned from one quixotic adventure to the next.

Can you believe that I had a tough time convincing people in the business world to hire me with that skill set? While working other jobs I continued my search for something more business related and found a position with Sunburst Shutters in Indianapolis in May of 2005. Truth be told, my boss didn’t hire me because of my credentials. He hired me based on the potential he saw in me, and for that I will always be grateful.

I wanted to prove to my boss that he had hired the right guy, and from the first day on the job I worked for Sunburst Shutters as if it was my own business. After one year I had doubled the previous year’s sales. I did this by simultaneously nurturing the business in Indianapolis and increasing our business in Louisville, KY. After three years I expanded the territory to include Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. After 5 years of hard work the owners of Sunburst Shutters gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and made me a Sunburst Shutters Wholesale Premier Dealer and made me the distributor for the territory I had worked so hard to develop.

Since that day in February of 2010 our Sunburst Shutters location has grown to be one of the largest shutter retailers in the Midwest. We’ve sold tens of thousands of shutters and scoured the country for the best products. And now we’ve launched this website to help educate consumers about shutters. My goal for Sunburst Shutters in Indianapolis is to be the best resource for information about shutters on the internet – and to offer the best shutter-buying experience you can find. I’m doing that by providing a wealth of great products, combining them with years of specific shutter experience, selling them at great prices, and installing them to the highest standards.

I am confident that you will not find a better resource for information about shutters on the internet. I am confident that once you meet with me and interact with my staff you will see that choosing to work with Sunburst Shutters is the best decision you can make for your shutter purchase. And, above all, I am confident you will love your shutters!

Beth Black
Beth BlackOffice Manager for Sunburst Shutters
Office Manager for Sunburst Shutters
Michael Burt
Michael BurtInstaller for Sunburst Shutters
Installer for Sunburst Shutters
Jim Miles
Jim MilesShopkeeper for Sunburst Shutters
Shopkeeper for Sunburst Shutters